About Feta cheese


Description of Feta cheese
Feta is soft curd cheese originated from Greece. It has a rich flavour and creamy consistence. Traditionally Feta is made of sheep’s milk, but you can find goat’s or cow‘s milk or a mixture of the two, there are versions with skimmed or partially-skimmed milk as well.

How to make Feta cheese?
The best Feta cheese are made by shepherds in the Greek mountains, from there it is originated. The process of making Feta is quite simple – the main role plays the milk. The milk is curdled and separated, drained in a cloth bag. Later it is cut into slices and salted. Stored in barrels with whey or brine. When removed from the brine it dries rapidly.

More about Feta cheese
These days many countries produce their own feta cheese, but the real feta is made in Greece. It is difficult to find real feta outside Greece, because it is made from unpasteurized milk and very difficult to transport. Most of imported Feta comes from Italy.

Real feta is soft cheese made of 45-60% whole sheep’s or goat’s milk. Best quality Feta is aged about a month in a salty whey and brine. Because of the aging the cheese becomes sharper and saltier. Feta has a crumbly texture, small holes and creamy white colour.

It is usually found in square cakes.

There are a lot of Feta cheese recipes. Feta is widely used in salads (the Classic Greek Salad, or sliced tomatoes, olive oil and fresh herbs) and in hot dishes as well because it melts quickly (especially used as a filling for puff pastry).

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