About Gouda cheese


Description of Gouda cheese
From Gouda cheese you cam make many different recipes. Gouda cheese is quite similar to Edam cheese, but with a lower fat milk and a bit sweeter taste. This cheese is originated in the south of Holland. Gouda cheese with a label “Noord-Hollandse Gouda” is registered and protected by Geographical Status.

How to make Gouda cheese?
The making process: curd is formed from milk and then cut into a few pieces. 1/3 whey is replaced with hot water and the cheese is aged. Gouda can be young, farm or aged and its taste vary with smoke and spice additions (pepper, mustard, clove, cumin or any other mixed spices).

More about Gouda cheese
Today Gouda cheese is produced in many countries around the world, but the most famous Gouda cheeses comes from the north because of their exceptional milk.

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