About Soft cheese


The history
Soft cheese is quite a new cheese from the USA, developed for the first time in 1872 in New York. But this cheese is already very popular and beloved all over the world.

This cheese was produced under the trade name “Philadelphia”. The company (later bought by Kraft Foods) still remains the most widely-recognized brand of soft cheese and not only in the USA.

How to make Soft cheese
Soft cheese is made from cow’s milk and contains at least 33 per cent fat and no more than 55 per cent water.¬†This cheese has a very wide variety: it can be made from cow’s or goat milk, low fat, natural or with a flavour (with herbs, fruits, salmon blended in)

This cheese is fresh (not aged) and has a short shelf life when opened. It has a fresh-tasting, mild and a bit sweet flavour with smooth and creamy texture.

Usually it is sold in foil-wrapped blocks and can be used in many different ways because there are many recipes of Soft cheese. It can be eaten fresh for breakfast, for dips, for a cheesecake, other desserts and in many other combinations. There is no reason to talk much about Soft cheese, you just need to try it and judge it by yourself.

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